How will you lead?

Are you ready to take your life and career to the next level? Are you passionate about challenging the status quo but feel unsure about where to start? You are not alone. Many new and emerging leaders feel the same way. Coaching will help you cut through the chaos and be the influential leader you are meant to be!

Through coaching, you will create and execute strategies that help you achieve your goals and create happiness. Your coaching work will start with a leadership assessment designed to help you create a personalized strategic plan for success. As your coach, I will challenge you and hold you accountable so you get what you really want. Let’s do this!

What to Expect

Be prepared to work hard. By hiring a coach, you are making a commitment and investment in the quality of your life. There is no easy road to greatness- you get out what you put in. You will be challenged  and pushed outside of your comfort zone. If you are ready for transformation, then you are ready for coaching.

What Coaching is Not

Coaching is focused on getting from where you are today to where you want to be. People often confuse coaching with other professional services. Here are some definitions to help you get a clear understanding of what coaching isn’t:


Therapy is often focused on resolving pain or difficulties from the past that are getting in the way of  functioning in the present. Coaching, on the other hand, is about future focused growth and creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals.


Consultants are hired for their expertise with an expectation to provide solutions. In coaching, the assumption is that client is capable of generating their own solutions. Although I will involve some consultative approaches to career management, the primary focus of our work will be based on coaching principles in which I am the expert in the process of leading you to your own solutions.


Friends are personally involved, coaches are neutral. A friend’s natural tendency is to help fix by sharing opinions based on their own experiences. Coaching empowers you to come up with a solution that is authentically connected to your experience and what is right for your life. The result is an increased commitment to taking action. Coaching allows you a safe space to focus on yourself without the pressure of reciprocity.


How often will we meet?

Most clients meet once a week. I recommend we meet weekly during the first 3 months of coaching in order to maximize your momentum. We can discuss your needs to create a schedule that works best for you.

Your initial session will include a 60 minute debrief of your Energy Leadership Index assessment results to help identify strategic areas of focus. Regular, ongoing sessions are 45 minutes.

How do I prepare for each session?

This is your time to focus on your goals and work through whatever obstacles are getting in your way. Each session we will focus on a strategy, obstacle or outcome. We will also follow up on any actions you committed to during your previous session. It’s my responsibility to keep you on track and push you towards the success you desire.

What’s expected of me as the client?

      • Timeliness – be prompt and respectful.
      • Taking initiative – be willing to try new things. Demonstrate courage and commitment to your success.
      • Honesty – keep it real. This is all about you! Honesty and openness are the key to your success.
      • Authenticity – stay true to yourself and the success you really want.

What can I expect of my coach?

      • Honesty without judgement – I will be honest and open, sharing feedback and observations that challenge you in a helpful way.
      • Professionalism – I am organized, timely, focused and respectful.
      • Confidentiality- our conversations are completely confidential and I adhere to the coaching code of ethics.
      • Empowering-  I empower you to stretch yourself, maximize your strengths and dream big.

How long will we be working together?

There is no long term commitment. Coaching is an elite service tailored to your needs. It’s up to you to determine how much time you need to achieve the results you desire. A typical coaching client works with me 3-6 months at a time. I highly recommend making a personal commitment to 12 sessions. Why? Change takes time and you want to create sustainable results.

What are the benefits of phone-based coaching?

I love phone-based coaching because it eliminates the physical distractions, self-consciousness and obstacles otherwise present in our daily lives. It eliminates travel time making it incredibly time efficient. I am  focused on intuitive listening and you are able to better process your thoughts without the pressure of having to making eye contact. Additionally, you get to decide the environment that makes you most comfortable.

How is each session formatted?

Regular sessions are 45 minutes long. You will be responsible for calling me promptly at the start time which demonstrates your commitment and accountability. Each session will be tailored to your goals and desired area of focus. During the session I will guide you to your desired outcome. I will take notes and provide a summary of the week’s action items in your appointment reminders.

Is Coaching Right for Me?

Are ready for coaching?

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